One of the best tributes

Post date: Apr 6, 2016 5:38:38 AM

Albert Einstein's tribute to Max Planck: What was that? Clue: This tribute was presented in New York Times dating back to 1940's. - By the way, Max Planck believed in god. - Wait for an interesting article titled, "Is there a god?"


In the introduction to Dr. Planck's book, "Where Is Science Going?" published in 1932, Albert Einstein paid him the following tribute:

"One of those few worshipers in the Temple of Science who would still remain should an angel of God descend and drive out of the temple all those lesser scientists, who under different circumstances might become politicians or captains of industry."

It is ironic and funny that this tribute is still applicable even in the 21st century, though the field of political science has evolved significantly since then.