Nature or Nurture

There is always a question about what determines and defines an individual, Nature or Nurture. Though genetics, psychology, and medicine in general have come a long way over the years, my personal belief is that nature without nurture means nothing. An individual might be a genius, but without a right environment involving caring parents, inspiring teachers, supportive family network, and trust-based friends, ingenuity can get lost over time.

This behavioral trait can potentially be sustained, when the individual is driven by the force of genuine warmth and love initially coming from their own child/children, and then from the global children (when applicable, and I believe, is the most important one for those individuals, who get distracted and forget their roots due to trials and tribulations coming out of a humanly path). To further enhance the probability of success in extracting the most out of our creative mind, humans should have a strong faith in an unknown, abstract power beyond the grasp of an ordinary human being, and utilize this faith for constructive purposes.

This thought has come out of personal experiences, worldly observations, and mythical stories and/or real historical happenings.

Are these the only requirements for extracting ingenuity? There can be multitude of other variables from worldly exposure that can limit our growth, but having the above-mentioned variables certainly enhance our chances of success. By the way, success is relative, and is not limited to acquiring money, and physical belongings.

On a side note, technology is an essential accelerator in this evolving world, but the inventions revolving around technology should not take away innocence from the children. I believe that taking away innocence from the children, and in turn from the world can create a huge vacuum, and could limit humans from the path of continuous learning.

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