Public Diary

March 1st 2016

With my company gaining momentum during the recent months, I was keen to identify good editors for video editing the following set of videos to market my company, Val-U-Pro Consulting Group LLC. This video was taken several weeks back, and I had been looking for right editors to post-edit the content. Finally, I have identified two editors, who would bring in their creativity to the forefront.

Please check out the videos, and share your thoughts.

I am eager to see the after-effect videos as much as you all are.


What is prior art ?

Security vs. Privacy

What is my take on Security vs. Privacy?

New Security and/or Privacy related laws may not help the common masses much unless we have a clear understanding of what and how the information is collected, filtered and shared; who are all the third-parties getting our information. For that matter, all those with resources already have all relevant information right now. If not for that reason, by simple law of numbers, we would not see the wealth gap that we are seeing right now, and those with power in various fields always being there for ever.

The point being that, we need clear guidelines on when and how the information will be collected, and how it will be utilized to strike a right balance between privacy and security.

This section was written using a Chromebook, and the ISP provider is Comcast.


First-movers' or Second-movers' in Strategic Competition?

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