This page, which is in the early stages, will capture case studies revolving around areas such as:


My Experiments & Experiences with Freelancers;

What is prior art & how it is connected to copyright? & More;

How even a record of new idea shared to even one person is considered public & prior art?

How are we going to protect our ideas, when our living rooms are monitored through IoTs? What do I mean by this? Check out this article - Spying on Everything

More & More

Starting with Today's Experience - 5/13/2016

Social Media Campaign: (5/13/2016)

I had recently uploaded videos on the YouTube (Check videos under Val-U-Pro Consulting Group, LLC), & had asked several of my close associates along with project-freelancers working on several of my projects to share their feedback. One of the team members came back to me, & mentioned that the videos looked like a series of CV videos. I guess the point of posting the videos namely to personalize my company brand appears to be working.

By the way, I was asked whether this one is a blog website. No, it is a potpourri of media, journal, research, magazine, blog (all-in-one) website.