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This article is about recent outbreak in bacteria related health complications in various places - New York, California, Colorado, Illinois to name few states

In cases involving Legionnaire's outbreak, please follow CDC recommendations, and treat the cooling towers, and any other locations conducive for bacterial growth as recommended.



3. (Useful research sources for researchers in this area)

In cases involving other chronic bacterial infections that spreads through fleas, follow pest management procedures for controlling fleas. Moreover, states having those issues have had sudden surge in rainfall, which also provides a breeding ground for fleas and other pests. For those in those areas, highly recommend to use anti-repellent sprays (humans, and pet animals).

From government's point of view, increasing awareness among residents on symptoms, and the need to see the doctor right away for getting appropriate antibiotic should be the primary focus. Another factor that aggravates this issue is poverty. For example, Pueblo county, which has had such cases have higher poverty rate than the overall state by more than 6%. Cleanliness and available of basic amenities is an essential part of avoiding any bacterial infection, and it will be a major issue in places with higher level of poverty rate, and lack of relevant and right education. (See, again right education comes into play)

By the way, dispersing the population, and optimizing population density would help in reducing the rate of spread of epidemics, and also crime in some places. (When it comes to crime, I will be providing a detailed account on this topic in another article). Another advantage of population optimization.




Added on 9/4/2015

After sharing the above content, I came across these two interesting links, which aligns with my repeated suggestion to opt for systems approach to manage inefficiencies in the system, and to optimize unnecessary wastage of resources, time and money. At the same time, legal aid would not solve the monstrous $3T that goes towards healthcare making US the most expensive healthcare system in the world.