Recently, I came across an interesting article on IoT,

In this article, there is a line which states the following, "That may sound paranoid, but in computer security today’s paranoia is often tomorrow’s reality." It makes me wonder whether yesterday's paranoia is today's reality.

To further this discussion, I would also like to share an interesting video for everyone to see - -

If time permits, watch the entire video; if not, go to around 30 minutes into the presentation, and you would hear about Southwest Airlines.

I also shared about degrees of separations, and how it is potentially dwindling over time making the world smaller.

To be cont'd -

Quick note: As stated in another article, this article is not about moving away from technologies, but about implementing right policies to safeguard the interests of the majority (independent of various categories out there in the society - for that matter, most of us can claim to be part of a majority or minority group depending on which group we are in), and where talent and contributions will be given due credit. My concern is whether the people who are supposed to uphold the values of fairness will become the first ones to take it away from others, even in those societies known for fairness.

Who are the gladiators? This topic will be addressed from various perspectives. For someone who is trying to be ethical, and honest to my best ability, this discussion will be presented along those lines.