Next Generation Innovators <- Creating Next Generation Innovators: Going back to this article, it made me wonder whether there could be similarities between Dr. Schumpeter (Harvard University Professor) and Mr. Warren Buffett:

If we look at the history of Mr. Buffett, here is what comes to our mind (Sorry, Mr. Buffett for sharing your secret):

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Secrets of Mr. Warren Buffett

1. Had good early life filled with support from his family and friends

2. Got managing his finance early on his life

3. Got very good education, which also included deep respect for his teachers/professors - He mentions about Prof. Benjamin Graham even now

4. He believed in building long-lasting relationship filled with trust

5. He paced his life at his own pace rather than with the pace of the rest of the world, and waited for opportunities

6. Respect for people

I think, may be, people like Dr. Schumpeter might be of the same type (if you were to read his profile in Wikipedia). The one major difference could be, Mr. Buffett transformed his skills into billions of dollars, and Dr. Schumpeter focused on education and providing best for his students. As Dr. Schumpeter did not make money, may be, we call those individuals eccentric.

I would also like to add the saying - "You have to forget to think"

We have to forget bitter experiences, unhealed wounds, unconscious biases and preconceived notions and focus on the positives as much as possible.

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