• Kelley School of Business, Indiana University, Bloomington: MBA (General Management 2010)

  • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor: PhD (Chemistry 2003; Dissertation connected chemistry, physics, biophysics, material science, computational science, optimization & biochemistry to name few areas); Dual MSE (EE-Systems 2002 Project: Decentralized Control Systems & BME-Imaging 2000 Project: fMRI of Event Related Responses)

  • Indian Institute of Technology, Madras: M. Sc (Chemistry encompassed Bio, Maths, Physics 1997; Thesis: NQR Pulses)

  • Vivekananda College, University of Madras: B. Sc (Chemistry - also incl. Maths & Physics 1995)

  • Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Chennai: Diploma in Computer Applications (1994)



MS (EE) & MS (BME)

Total Credits: 51

B. Sc. Chemistry - RKM Vivekananda College - University of Madras

Indian Institute of Technology, Madras - M. Sc.; Credits: 76


Why Certificates?


All these certificates (list not complete) were secured around a year's time. These are some of the reasons for getting back into learning:

  1. To validate the quality of education offered in MOOCs by going bottom-up.

  2. Most importantly, to understand how I perceive education and learning now compared to 25 or 30 years back, and how my perspectives align with the changing world; Please also check out the "Lifelong Learning" section.

  3. I always remember the wisdom shared by my one of my advisors almost two decades back- "if you were to rely more on merit, and lesser on connections, it is important to constantly expand knowledge (preferably, 3 or 4 times the norm), and to have it on record" - Going by those wise words, though I have dealt with many of these areas before, and probably, know as much (if not more) as many of the instructors, these MOOCs provided opportunity to expand my knowledge horizon further, and extract any missed out wisdom from the experts; Also, MOOCs provide opportunity to find out how the same subject material is perceived, presented, analyzed, and inferred by instructors from various quality international universities located in different continents. (Note: There are so many quality Universities around the globe giving individuals unique opportunities/options to capitalize on comparative advantage; more will be presented through a detailed account of geospatial mapping and course explanation)

  4. To strengthen my knowledge in areas that I had been away for several years, and to sharpen my brain/mind.

  5. My team and I may also build a recommender system soon for these courses.

  6. To understand the challenges of learning both unfamiliar & familiar subject material in languages away from my comfort zone.