Is it funny or what?

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Recently, I had a conversation with someone whom I knew with regard to my recent experience working with freelancers, and this person asked me whether I pay for my "free"lancers. It made me think, and I started wondering whether I was taken for a ride by paying those freelancers for the projects that they worked on (Just a joke). Anyways, I looked into the etymology of the word, freelancers, and got to understand the origin of the word. - find out the etymology of this word - that will be your exercise.

Anyways, just to avoid such confusions, and let people know that we pay and value our "free"lancers, I have decided to start my own company, called or

What is the connection between POTUS & Presidents of the United States?

What is the connection between POTUS & the Presidents of the United States?

The answer is simple.

By the way, I guess, some might think POTUS means POT in US , and then extrapolate and connect this term to certain states and federal government's consideration to legalize pot.

Pl. understand that there is no connection between POT and POTUS.

How to win a Nobel Prize?

Obviously, coming up with interesting, and unique solutions to problems difficult to solve in the past used to be the way to get Nobel Prizes. But, lately, there are couple of other means to get Nobel Prizes.

a. You become a senior leader of a country, then keep on talking about global warming, followed by starting a media company, and within a short period of time, sell the same company for $500 MM+, and then you will win the Nobel Prize, while there will be others' spending long hours to come up with unique technologies to solve problems such as, global warming.

b. Another option is to become a good public speaker, talk big, become a big leader on paper, and cause confusion between two countries, and then mediate to "resolve" the issue, thus winning Nobel Prize along with the "leaders" of the two countries for spreading peace and unity (btw, public speaking skill is an essential requirement to be successful, and we need to constantly work on it to master this art - I was fortunate to improve on this skill over the years through my business presentations to clients, and through my professorial role teaching various areas - pl. see on the right for a list of areas).

I will share more in the near future on the art of winning Nobel Prizes, while others sweat it out.

For other videos, check out the YouTube Channel:


Going by latest trends, by keeping on complaining that organizations/institutions are lacking vertical mobility, then you can even become the leader of the house - hahahaha :-)


Goldman Sachs & JP Morgan fired new analysts for cheating - - Is it funny or what?


Recently, I had requested an educational association to remove my name from their subscription list as I have moved away from teaching, and to help the association from unnecessarily wasting money on newsletters and mails. I, in turn, got this response -

Thank you for letting us know. I have suppressed all contact with us.

Here is my response to this one:

Thank you.

Was it only suppressed or will it be oppressed and/or depressed?


- Just a joke.Thank you again.

Is it funny or what?