Election Update

Post date: Sep 28, 2015 12:52:08 PM

Added on 9/24/15

- What people want? - Must read

- Electoral College History - Must read

How to combine these two to reflect changing times, and to increase accountability in the political system?

To connect with people's thoughts of limiting terms for politicians, as mentioned earlier, if the President of USA is limited with two terms, time has come to consider term limits for all the congress representatives, and at the state level as well.

Even a state representative earns around 2.5-3 times the median household income, and if politicians were to even have three terms of office, their salary will be equivalent to 30+ years of cumulative income seen by families earning median household income. With so many political representatives being millionaires, it appears that there is a disconnect between the political world of elected leaders and the real world. Moreover, common families don't have the same kind of job stability unlike politicians. Further, time has come where individuals with proven track record in various fields become politicians so that income is not the primary reason for individuals to seek politics, and to bring in their experience in their area of expertise while putting forth recommendations for new policies and rule of law.

At the same time, going by the thoughts of the founding fathers, popularity need not align with great leadership, and need not reflect the common interest/good of the country. For that reason, implementing a political process where proven leaders in different fields with elected experience in the political system (at least for four years) along with some level of global experience should become a mandatory requirement for the Presidential role.