Uber is playing an important role in disrupting the age hold taxi model across various parts of the world. At the same time, at the end of this disruption, this transformation can create a monopolistic market dominated by Uber. For that reason, having another player to compete in this market would be great for this market segment, and also for the customers.

Now coming to the next question, who can compete against Uber?

It can be none other than the taxi/auto drivers. What is unique about this group?


1. If they unite across the globe, they would be one of the largest networks, and can be a powerful group.

2. They know the place where they function really well, and have the know how for managing fuel, optimizing routes and times than anyone else.


1. Branding: Come up with a cool name to draw the attention of diverse demographics. If Kuber is not interesting, come up with another interesting name.

2. Optimize your pricing model

3. Form hubs or smaller networks to manage operations and time

How to optimize your pricing model?

In order to come up with an optimal pricing model, it would be better for your group to expand your understanding in competitive strategy, pricing models, and algorithmic thinking along with relevant programming knowledge. There are several interesting courses offered through MOOCs such as, EdX, Coursera, Udemy to name a few on this topic. If not, find experts in this area who can help your group on that front. Expand your knowledge, and compete through your strong network to retain the leadership role in this market.