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  • A consultant is given the credit for widening the compensation ratio of top executives compared to common employees by 15-fold since 1975 (compensation ratio increased from 20:1 to ~300:1). Is it the reason for the disparity in wealth?

  • As proposed by Prof. Summers, is the financial system’s ability to successfully maintain moderate inflation being the reason for frequent financial crises?

  • Psychologists/Behavioral Scientists believe that social proof; distance away from money; creativity; and an unproductive incentive system, especially involving mental tasks along with many individuals exploiting the system causes significant financial losses. Is herd mentality the reason?

  • Political scientists such as, Hacker & Pierson, believe well-connected political bigwigs and lobbyists provide opportunities to a selected few to take higher risks, thus promoting leverage ratios beyond controls transforming the society to a plutocratic system? Is it the reason?

  • Is “Dismal Law” (or unsustainable demand for resources), as proposed by Thomas Malthus, becoming a reality?

  • Is business organizations’ primary focus on the shareholders along with shortsighted compensation structure combined with lack of accountability being the reason for reduced life of organizations; thus causing fluctuations in the unemployment rate?

  • Is technological Innovation, increased level of education & globalization over the last 40 years being the reason for the widening gap?

  • Is the hiring system that over-relies on connections and consultants, and a strategy revolving predominantly on outsourcing, offshoring being the reason for the disparity?

  • A marketplace where certain industries with deep-connected pockets dominate over the others being the reason for the disparity?

  • Is lack of relevant education and commitment from educators along with increasing student debt being the reason?

  • Is lack of financial awareness amongst common masses being the reason?

  • Could it be due to a system that is more tilted towards Adam Smith’s efficiency based segmented task system rather than Karl Marx’s meaning-based organizational system?

  • Are we still not willing to completely accept and practice the “System of Profound Knowledge”?

  • Could it be due to Edison & Tesla?

  • Is lack of self-control amongst a larger section of the population combined with technological advances causing majority of us succumb to temptation, and deviate from family and values, thus widening wealth gap?

  • Is the history of discrimination in the society being the reason?

  • Is the intrinsic nature of humans to divide and conquer being the reason?

  • Is the notion that the non-wealthy group is a bunch of losers being the reason?

The above set of questions led me to write this series

What is the reason? Is there a solution for it? Would you like to accompany me in this ride to find answers?

Note: My primary objective behind this article is to bring ideas accumulated over centuries together into a meaningful discussion/debate for everyone to consider. Many times, experts are so fixated to their ideas either due to their total commitment to their work in hand or due to reluctance accepting other ideas. This article is to bring various pieces together based on literature for everyone to consider.


This article was submitted to NY Times, but with obviously so many talented authors submitting their Op-Ed piece, I guess they missed out on this great opportunity.



Subject: RE: Op-Ed or Evolving Column: MY EXPERIMENT WITH TRUTH

Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2014 15:22:02 +0000

Respected Sir/Madam,

I had sent the following email couple of weeks (see below) back requesting for a favorable consideration to share an evolving Op-Ed column at the New York Times. Along the lines of request, I would like to share an interesting article about a best-selling book that was published recently.

I am confident that the evolving Op-Ed column, which I had submitted for consideration would act as the next section to this book. The primary objective of this evolving column would be to analyze the problem from different perspectives not limiting to economics, where a systems-thinking approach would be applied to figure out potential root cause of these problems, and also consider potential solutions to refine the system.

I look forward to a positive consideration,

FYI: I have included an edited version of the document for your consideration.





Subject: Op-Ed or Evolving Column: MY EXPERIMENT WITH TRUTH

Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2014 14:54:57 +0000

Good morning Op-Ed Team,

I would like to touch base with you to find out whether I can write an Op-Ed or an Evolving Column series titled, "THE WORLD OF CONNECTIONS - DISPARITY IN WEALTH: MY EXPERIMENTS WITH TRUTH".

In this series, I would like to address the growing debate on plutocratic society in US from different perspectives. I have included a gist of questions (please see attached) for which I am keen to submit a weekly article based on literature and facts, and was wondering whether such a piece would be of interest to "The New York Times".

I look forward to hearing from you,



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