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6/05/14 - Housing Enigma (submitted to HBR, MIT Technology Review & NY Times)

5/16/14 - Big Data Analytics (submitted to HBR & MIT Technology Review)

6/20/14 - Educational Attainment & Household Wealth


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Good morning Team,

I would like to request the editorial team to consider this article for publication in the blog section of HBR. This article tries to promote a discussion on what is in store for Education in the 21st century. I look forward to a favorable response in the near future,



4/30/14 - NY Times - The World of Connections


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Respected Sir/Madam,

I had sent the following email couple of weeks (see below) back requesting for a favorable consideration to share an evolving Op-Ed column at the New York Times. Along the lines of request, I would like to share an interesting article about a best-selling book that was published recently.

I am confident that the evolving Op-Ed column, which I had submitted for consideration would act as the next section to this book. The primary objective of this evolving column would be to analyze the problem from different perspectives not limiting to economics, where a systems-thinking approach would be applied to figure out potential root cause of these problems, and also consider potential solutions to refine the system.

I look forward to a positive consideration,

FYI: I have included an edited version of the document for your consideration.