In the 21st century, data science could blend with religion. Religion is part and parcel of human society, and is essential in building healthy communities. At the same time, there are certain changes that can be incorporated in the 21st century, if it is not going to deviate from the principles and teachings of every religion.

The steps are given below:

1. Every religion, along the lines of what is seen in certain religions, should have an unique, disciplined leader who has gained respect from around the globe, and understands the northern and southern hemispheres and also eastern and western cultures.

2. Having built the capability to continuously add data and information about the world, it could be worthwhile to transform each of the religious scriptures into electronic data, which can then be standardized through translation in specific set of languages, as agreed upon by the religious leaders.

3. With this transformation, it might be possible to understand the nuances of these scriptures (using machine learning and involvement of experts), and determine similarities/differences between religions in greater detail. In addition, having such accessible data/information might provide further insight on each of the religions, and also solutions for some of the problems seen in the society right now.

4. This initiative will also generate jobs for talented individuals, who can merge religion with data science.

Just my silly thought -