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Trend charts -> Data used for various analyses

Blue Ocean or Red Ocean or Desert with one tall building-> Big Data Analytics

Analytics-> Uniqueness about these analyses

To be a Multi-(Millionaire or Billionaire)-> Housing Enigma

Future of Education-> Educational Attainment & Household Wealth


Direct to Consumer Genetic Testing (DTC): Pros & Cons

Data Research -> Autism & Vaccination

Environment -> Nature or Nurture

Denguey Dengue -> Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF)

Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome -> MERS

Interesting article:

Bacterial Infections & Treatment -> Literature Exploration

Brazil -> Microcephaly & Zika virus? Goalllllll!!!!

(Merry Christmas - Added on 12/25/15)

North Carolina -> Suggestion


Homogeneity in Heterogeneity-> Great Place to Live

Learning-> Lifelong Learning

HR-> Negotiation in the 21st century

Book-> PrivateBook or FaceBook

SN-> Role of Social Networking Sites

Law & Order-> Law Enforcement (May be a mere coincidence, this problem subsided within couple of days after sharing this article earlier in the year)

Peer Grading-> Peer Assessments

Wisdom-> Observant -----> Wisdom


Eccentricity -> Why do we call people eccentric?

What is needed in the 21st century -> Creativism

IAM-> Who am "I" ?

Religion -> Role of Religious leaders in the 21st century

Disruption & Technology -> Disruptive MOOC

Partnership -> Marriage & Affairs (WIP - New)


Avatar II -> Energy Story

Climate -> Global Warming

Food & Nutrition -> Global Land/Crop/Food management

Management -> Change Management during the times of IoT & 21st Century Flat World? (WIP)

Economics -> Open Letter on Digital Economy (Must see - **** )

Nature-> Seismic Prediction Challenges Part I (Must see - *****); Sequel soon


ShareRide: Uber vs Kuber

W v. W: Walmart Gift cards or Mr. Warren Buffett?

Leadership: PM - JV of the Decade

Education: Comparative Advantage & Education (WIP) - Einstein stories

Thinking: Design & Systems - Useful References

Investment: What is the best investment right now, and always?


"ISM" -> Which "ism" is better?

a. Capitalism b. Communism c. Socialism d. Pragmatism

Data & Analytics -> Clarification

Europe -> (Part-I : Greek Debt Crisis)

Economics -> How can developed economies sustain their status?

Money Matters -> Money Diversification

Health -> Prescription Drug Economics (Evolving)

Economics -> "GINI" in a new box (Ongoing) -

Abstract: This article will present a detailed account of gini coefficient, a measure of income dispersion.

Movie Traffic II -> Legalization of Marijuana




This website is unique for the reason that it includes comprehensive, interconnected research involving various areas. This series of work will be published as a book in the near future. Most importantly, the information/data provided here involves various areas, and can be misinterpreted and/or misunderstood depending on the depth of understanding of the reader. For that reason, please feel free to contact me.

I would also like to add that I am confident about these analyses considering my 20+ years of research experience (நான் ஒரு தடவ சொன்னா, நூறு தடவ சொன்ன மாதிரி), and these analyses form part of deep research articles. I doubt there is any prior art or previous publications that has connected various areas together revolving around Economics, Peace, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature to name a few.

Please note that this disclaimer is not meant to blow my own trumpet, but was added more out of caution. With all kinds of malware, cookies, and tracking system in place, it is better to be cautious. To give you an idea on the extent of tracking done, please check out the references in the PrivateBook article, and Quanta$avers presentation.

Additional Note:

These reports are being shared to promote healthy discussion, and for constructive application of ideas in the global community of friends & family. If you don't like these analyses, please forget reading these articles. We know how the forgetting curve works now (If not, check out "LifeLong Learning" section.

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