Right now, there is a need to enhance trust between law enforcement officials and common people. As part of this process, I would like to share this interesting article on decision-making,

Article -> Leaders & Decision-Making

In this article, there is a mention of Mr. Walter Gasior, Ex Deputy Chief from Palatine, Illinois. May be, we need to bring in those proven, experienced leaders from law enforcement to share their insight to the current police force as well as common masses to reduce differences between the two sides. They can also insist on strengthening relevant education in those affected communities in combination with implementation of relevant diversity based training for police force.

Moreover, Penn State University offers a very good MOOC course on, "The Social Science of Wrongful Conviction" that pertains to criminal justice system, which would be something police force (especially, new members to the police force) can explore to understand the other side of things. If not this one, there should be similar courses offered by other schools in every state.

Along those lines, may be, the proven leaders from law enforcement can come up with a MOOC course on how law enforcement officials make decisions, and why mistakes can happen at times. If not a course, they can figure out other ways to clarify and communicate their side of things, and explain what actions they are taking to reduce/eliminate any inefficiency that might be there right now in the system.

- Effective communication is essential in this process.

Thank you for taking the time to read this suggestion.

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