Credit History, Financial Discipline

Financial Discipline

I am not an affluent individual, but a prudent, responsible global citizen, who understands the importance of living within my means to provide the best for my family. While discussing the topic of frugality, it is important to create more awareness on the topic of credit and credit history commonly utilized in United States of America, and other developed countries.

In this section, I will be sharing a detailed account on this topic along with my personal progress over the years. (Note: Just because someone has very high scores does not mean that this individual is a multi-millionaire or billionaire, but these scores showcase a person's financial prudence and management. At the same time, there are billionaires out there, who have filed for bankruptcies multiple times, and does not have to care about credit or credit history)

- By the way, I am curious to know how the scores have varied for the presidential candidates over time. I am certain that the people of United States of America would be interested to know as well.