A friend of mine had asked me about how I am going to generate revenue. After thinking it over, here is what I have in mind -

1. Put my company on sale (are there any bidders for it? :-) ) - looking for only official companies known in the marketplace

2. My story would be up for grabs for movie rights :-)

3. I am going to collate all these articles into a book, and make it available for sale (TITLE: DYNAMIC RESEARCH IN THE REAL WORLD: THE WORLD OF CONNECTIONS)

4. With the permission of MOOCs, I would like to share my feedback on all the courses that I had taken, and make it available for a nominal fee

5. I would also like to generate royalties for the referrals

6. I would like to stick to consumer innovation products - test various products and share my comments on an ongoing basis

7. I am interested in focusing on Quantasave device - Interoperable device cum website

8. I also have couple of other ideas revolving around energy and real estate to see whether that would become a viable option.

What will I do if these efforts work in my favor?

As I had promised, I will return most of it to the society, and will also clearly explain how it will be done.