Recent security breach at one of the extra-marital websites made me wonder on the following set of questions:

1. Would such a hacking activity bring positive or negative change to the system? 

My personal take - There are better ways to bring change in families rather than hacking a website, and releasing the names of the people enlisted there, if the intention was to bring positive change in the society. Such an action would harm the families and individuals involved more rather than helping them. 

When it comes to hackers' claim about teaching a lesson to such websites, literature suggests that any publicity is publicity. This hacking event has, in a way, created awareness to masses that had no prior knowledge of existence of such a website. For that matter, I did not know about such a site until this news came out. Unlike me, there are many curious minds out there to explore further in this arena, and this sudden attention from every front might provide an opportunity for such curious individuals to reach out to the source. It would also potentially increase the number of similar such sources. Now, with this hacking event, companies along the likes of this extra-marital website would enhance security features, and in turn, attract many more curious and pleasure seeking individuals.

These are areas where public policy-making should come to the forefront. The society, as a whole, should ask the question would such revenue generation for the state or the country help the economy in the long run, and help the community.

2. Why do people, in the first place, have extra-marital affairs?  I will share my analysis soon - (Please see some references shared below)

3. Is there a connection between divorce rates and extra-marital affairs? Coming soon

4. What is the value of marriages in the 21st century? Coming soon.

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