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All the articles (to be) shared were/will be based on facts and data, and this collation is unique for the reason that it connects various areas together in a meaningful way using reliable and trustworthy data extracted from publicly available searched links. This interconnected, interdisciplinary research includes primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary, qualitative, quantitative, inductive, deductive, convergent, divergent, market, marketing, system & design research methodologies to name a few. (This list could also include conductive, convective, associative, commutative, distributive and more - Just a joke :-) )

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Economics & Finance

a. Capitalism b. Communism c. Socialism d. Pragmatism

Clarification (Added on January, 2015)

"GINI" in a new box (Ongoing) - 
Abstract: This article will present a detailed account of gini coefficient, a measure of income dispersion.

Movie Traffic II -> Legalization of Marijuana (Exercise - Updated 11/3/15)

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Continent of the Decade 

Nobel Prize : History & its Future in the 21st century 

Can Noble Laureates become Nobel Laureates?

Relationship between Normal Distribution, Power of the Mind & Wealth Dispersion  

Control the gun or the factors resulting in its use or both   
Abstract: This analysis will be thorough covering various angles to this topic, and would include both sides point of view - A balancing act with suggestions

Forged Emails - Unique Identifiers & Control/Internet Protocols 
Abstract: Recently, one of the emails that I received was forged, and this experience led me to consider writing this article. This article will capture the topic of forged emails, and what could potentially be done to prevent such forged emails in the future.

Airlines -  Economic Perspective 

What kind of global economy do we have?
a. Almonds b. Cashews c. Peanuts d. Nut-cracks 

Global Economics: A Tug of War: 
Cosmological Inflation vs. Fiscal, Monetary and/or Inflationary Sanity 

Global Operations Management: 
Dan Ariely's Ikea Effect vs. Thomas Friedman's Southwest Effect 

Mystic Economics <- Is Pluralistic Ignorance the same as the sum of Pluralism and Ignorance?
Pluralistic Ignorance = Pluralism + Ignorance ???
Abstract: According to Nobel Laureate Dr. Amartya Sen, plurality might be a better solution compared to majority for democracy. According to mystic Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, ignorance is a boundless possibility. This article will capture their viewpoints in detail on these two topics, and also extend interesting i-perspective on ignorance and plurality, along with a detailed analysis on the presence/absence of relationship between plurality, ignorance to pluralistic ignorance.

Global (Middle or Muddle) Class 



Direct to Consumer Genetic Testing (DTC): Pros & Cons

Data Research -> Autism & Vaccination (Added Feb, 2015)

Environment -> Nature or Nurture

Denguey Dengue -> Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) 

Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome -> MERS  (July 6th, 2015) 

Bacterial Infections & Treatment -> Literature Exploration

Brazil -> Microcephaly & Zika virus?  Goalllllll!!!!
(Merry Christmas - Added on 12/25/15; Updated 1/30/16) 

North Carolina ->  Suggestion 

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Technology Recommendation (Apps, New Products) - Also, check out the Innovation section

STEM & Reproducibility Tests

Psychopathy & Environment: Political, Criminal, & Corporate 

Herbal Medicine/Alternative Medicine 

Neuro-Imaging of Convoluted & Political Minds 
Not much is known in the literature about the functioning of political minds and/or convoluted minds especially in the corporate, media and academic world in addition to politics, and also how their minds work during decision-making process. It would be helpful to know how these minds think, and why they think that way in order to devise and implement strategies for improving optimal decisions taking all the stakeholders into account. This effort would also align with President Obama's long-term brain mapping initiative.

Nature or Nurture - Part II


Prof. James Fallon (Emeritus, UCI) not to be confused for the talk show host, a highly successful neuroscientist, self-discovered that his brain features are similar to that of a psychopath, and believes that his protected childhood was instrumental in helping him to lead a normal life. Moreover, after this finding, Dr. Fallon is taking conscious efforts to adapt to the environment while exercising free will to nullify even the trace mental traits/characteristics of psychopathy. 

On the contrary, Dr. Kiehl has shown para-limbic system dysfunction being connected to psychopathy, and believes that traits such as, disinhibition/excessive boldness, lack of empathy and accountability, not much self-control that are coming out of psychopathy needs to be considered as potential psychological shortcomings while adjudicating judicial verdicts. 

If these were two diverging thoughts on this topic, it will also be interesting to determine whether corporate, media, and political psychopaths were born with not much empathy or the environment surrounded by like-minded individuals driven solely by far-fetched ambitions, excessive bonuses, constant backstabbing, and/or overly exposure to low morale and distasteful working conditions influence the wiring of the brain towards psychopathy, and other brain disorders. 

A detailed analysis engulfing questions revolving around these topics will be presented in this article.

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Let us boggle the mind to understand the brain 

Omics & Integrated Omics - What are they, and How are they connected to Genomics? 

Are we going back to Eugenics era? 


Assorted Mix

Law Enforcement (May be a mere coincidence, this problem subsided within couple of days after sharing this article earlier in the year)

Observant -----> Wisdom (Updated 8/19/15)

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Re-learning, Visionary Creativity, Andorrans view on Cell phone use & Diversity  - Interesting Interlinked Puzzle 

What is Education?
Abstract: Answer to this question is simple, and yet complicated. By the way, VAM stands for "Value Adding Machine"

History of MOOC & Incremental Innovations (Coming soon)

History of Mathematics, and its connection to Economics, Accounting, Finance

Importance of Universities & Religion 

High IQ & Substance Abuse: Is there any relationship? 

If world is indeed a stage, who are the real actors? 

(x. Beautiful + y. Beginner's/Shoshin/Zen) mind = Genius
Abstract: Srinivasan Ramamujan, a genius mathematician born in Kumbakonam in India, never had proper training in mathematics, but was able to conceptualize, perceive, and dream of new mathematical solutions that escaped the creative realms of many experts. Same applies for Archimedes, Aristotle, Socrates, Aryabhatta, Leonarda da vinci, Newton, Einstein and many more. What defines this enigma of genius? Let us travel together to answer this question.

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What factors factor in on Crime? 

HRM - Human Resource Management or Human Resource Mis-management 

Philosophy + Psychology = Philology 

Peace-full World - (Collation of ideas from previous articles)

Role of EEOC in the 21st century 

Fertility rate - Global Landscape: Different types & What it means in the 21st century 

Acetaminophen vs Aspirin vs NSAIDS vs Opioids vs Local Anaesthetics & Epidurals (Method of Drug Action <- What do we know?)

Abstract: Acetaminophen was a serendipitous finding that is still utilized as a pain-reliever. Now that we are getting to know more about the science of pain, and its connection to brain triggers, it is important to revisit the topic of drug action in the area of pain-killers (analgesics), antipyretics. For a drug such as, acetaminophen, being in use for more than 100 years, we still have not much information on the mode of drug action. Going by the basic chemistry of acetaminophen, and with researchers gradually gaining understanding in the area of neuroscience, there could be a potential connection of a drug such as, acetaminophen, and its biological modification with the area of neuroscience. This article will include a thorough analysis capturing the potential connection between neuroscience, and the mode of drug action for analgesics and anti-pyretics.

Bipolar Disorder
Abstract: There was a recent article sharing concerns about reproducibility of psychological results. If that were the case, and if we were all mere players in this world stage, how do we know who really has bipolar disorder or other psychological/psychiatric issues? This article will touch upon challenges involving psychological studies, and also present philosophical perspective towards brain/mind related diseases.

What is Internet? Mythological Perspective (Coming soon)

Potential golds of the 21st century - Can you name at least two?